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An online business cannot survive without traffic. And it’s hard to be successful without him. No matter how much time, money, and work you enter into your website, it will not be valuable if no one visits it. You will lose potential customers. And it’s not good for business. Because it makes more people visit your site will make your online business more likely to succeed, you need to find out how. Based on my experience of building and growing many websites, here are six easy ways to increase traffic to your website.

1. Understand that the content is king

You may never see the results soon, but the Vital Content Marketing SEO strategy is one of the best long-term ways to make more people visit your website.

In the past, this might mean putting many keywords on your page to try to make it higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). But Google now says very clearly that you can’t do this. Although it is still important to create SEO -friendly content for the best SEO services, Google’s search algorithm is getting smarter and better at “sniffing ou” Good Content.

Shortcuts such as keyword stuffing, are trying to deceive Google’s algorithm and improve a page’s ranking no longer, and researchers warn that they can even cause Google to punish your site. Also, quality content is far more likely to be shared, which means more people will be linked back to your site. Backlinks bring more natural traffic, but they also help the SERP ranking. Research shows that 92% of all traffic entered the results on the first page of Google. From there, organic traffic fell quickly.


2. Get social

Using social media is one of the best methods to stay in touch with your audience, and it encourages them to return to your website. Sixty -per cent of the high-traffic website organized by Godaddy also has the presence of Facebook. Facebook and Twitter are very important for an internet business but don’t forget about other social media networks.

Say, for example, that most of your business is B2B. If so, LinkedIn can be a good place to find instructions. Does your company sell goods that are clearly visible? Instagram allows your photos to talk about yourself. Researchers say that getting organic range on Facebook is increasingly difficult, so developing the presence of your social media is one of the best and cheapest ways to reach your customers.

3. Optimize for mobile

Google said in April 2022 that the number of searches conducted on mobile devices had reached the highest of all time. This trend has not stopped, and because mobile device is getting faster and wiser, there is no reason to think that will happen. Google’s SERP ranking is now considering how friendly websites are, not a big surprise. Even have free tools to tell you how your website works on mobile devices.

In addition to affecting the ranking of your website’s SERP, how friendly cellular can also affect how many people believe in your business and how much it is likely they are to tell their friends about it. Google found that 89 per cent of people tend to recommend a brand if they have good experience on their mobile devices. Even though we live in a digital age, word of mouth is still a powerful way to make people visit your website.

4. Make things faster

Page Speed ​​has an impact on the ranking of the website and its uses. Waiting for the page to load is the last thing to do for anyone, and is common for the page to load a long time due to the size of the image.

Before uploading your image to your website, use a free SEO to compress it. After the fact, it is possible to use the plug-in to optimize all your photos on your website. Your website will operate faster, even if you have a lot of images. Free tools from Google allow you to compare the speed of your site with other sites.

5. Email marketing

Email marketing has existed for almost as long as email has been, and has become very common so some people say it will die soon. Although spam filters and laws such as GDPR have made cold emails less effective, marketing to the list of customers involved is still one of the best ways to make people visit your website.

What is a better way to tell your customers about new products, services, or content besides sending them timely, relevant, and personalized emails?

If you run an eCommerce business, an automatic email marketing tool can help you make more money. With this solution, you can reach customers who see your site or put goods in a shopping basket but don’t buy anything. When sent within three hours after a coach was abandoned, the e-mail left behind had a surprising average level of 40%.

6. Pay-per-click ads and ads on social media

Organic search can give your business better investment (ROI) in the long run, but the paid search can give you faster results. Google Adwords pay-per-click (PPC) campaign Google Adwords can bring more traffic.

But make sure you do research. If the PPC campaign is not planned and targeted quite well, it can quickly become expensive. Once again, Google’s keyword planner is a useful tool, but don’t stop there. Ahrefs can help you determine what your competitors do with their paid search campaigns. Semrush can show you what your competitors spend, their best keywords, and their best copies. With this information, you can make changes and improve your PPC campaign. But making and sharing good content on your social media channels is not enough.

This is especially true for Facebook, where the latest changes to the newsfeed, called “Facebook Zero,” have made it more difficult to reach followers naturally. Ads on Facebook and Facebook’s big customer data allow you to narrow your target audience and only display advertisements to people who match your profile.

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